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All our Spanish tutors have extensive experience in private tutoring or schools. We select the best native Spanish teachers for you.

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dele preparation

Do you have to take an exam to obtain a DELE level certification?

We offer personalized Spanish tutoring with native Spanish tutors who can help you pass that DELE exam you have set out to pass.

Our Spanish tutors will know which points you need to improve to pass the DELE exam and work with you so that you can take the exam with guarantees.

Local Spanish Tutors

A private Spanish tutor who will give you face-to-face classes in your city. The teacher will come to your home or a preferred location to give you a tutor.

Students usually choose the home tutoring option; however, there are cases where classes are held in a coffee shop or other convenient location.

Spanish classes are taught at basic levels. For advanced levels, please contact us to check availability.

Class prices vary depending on location and number of classes purchased (packs). For more information, visit the page for your location.

Online Spanish Tutors

Online Spanish tutors who will tutor you remotely using Skype or Zoom. This option is highly recommended because the Spanish classes are more economical and the Spanish tutors have much more availability than the face-to-face selection.

Being online classes, we can offer you a Spanish tutor that adapts much better to your level of Spanish and your personality.

In this modality, we teach all Spanish levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, and C2). The teachers are native Spanish speakers with extensive experience teaching Spanish to foreigners.

Spanish Tutors for Children

Children are more easily distracted and have a different way of learning than adults. Our Spanish tutors for children use specialized teaching techniques to maintain the childs attention in class.

The Spanish classes are dynamic and participatory. The syllabus is specific for children. The private Spanish teacher creates fun classes and the student associates the classes with fun.

spanish tutors for children

A language spoken by
580 million people worldwide

Not sure yet about learning Spanish?
Here are 5 reasons to start learning Spanish today.
1. Spanish is spoken by 580 million worldwide. 
2. It is the second language of the Internet. 
3. It is spoken in more than 30 countries worldwide. 
4. It is the second most spoken language in the United States. In the United States, 45 million people speak Spanish.
5. It is certainly one of the most required languages in the professional field.

Why a private Spanish tutor?

Many students have decided to study with us after starting to learn Spanish in group classes, either in Spanish academies or at school.

Our experience tells us that online Spanish classes are just as effective as face-to-face classes. Today’s teaching tools are much more sophisticated than they were a few years ago.

Most students agree that after working with our Spanish tutors, their Spanish level has increased much faster and they feel much more confident to have a conversation with a native speaker.

There are many reasons to hire a Spanish tutor if you really want to learn the Spanish language, but here we go with some of them.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Unlike group classes, the private Spanish tutor will know your Spanish level and adapt his or her teaching to your level and schedule.

Continuous Feedback

The Spanish tutors establish a relationship of trust with the student, which allows the student to know their strengths and weaknesses of their learning at all times. The feedback is continuous and the student stays motivated.

Faster Learning

Whether you are preparing for a DELE exam or studying as a hobby, you will notice the results much faster than taking group classes.

More Fun

One-on-One classes are more fun than textbook conversations in a group lesson. With your Spanish tutor, you will always have an active exchange with a native person who will make all aspects of the Spanish language more fun.