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So, today we will learn something very useful in Spanish, maybe if you are travelling to a Spanish speaking country and you have to visit a friend鈥檚 house or stay in a hotel it is actually really useful to know how to say the different parts of the house in Spanish. Let鈥檚 first think about a small house, maybe an apartment, apartamento, or a simple house, casa, in a shared building, edificio. Before we go into the specific rooms, habitaciones, let鈥檚 think about the parts of the house, so things you can find in any house, or office or even a building!  

When you arrive to the house you have la entrada, so as you can imagine is the entrance, you probably will also find el pasillo, the hall, which will guide you to the other parts of the house, so let鈥檚 now learn how do we call these different parts of the house in Spanish. What you have under your feet is el suelo or el piso, which of course is the floor. Over you there is el techo, the roof, and you are surrounded by la pared, the wall. So, these are the basic parts of the house in Spanish, or as I said of any space. So let鈥檚 imagine that you were in el primer piso or la planta baja, the first floor. Here you can find for example el garaje, the garage if you have un coche o una moto, a car or a motorcycle, or you can also find el jard铆n, the garden. So, in order to go upstairs to the second floor, el segundo piso, you should take la escalera, the stairs, which might have ventanas, windows, or not! or if it is un edificio moderno, a modern building, you may take the elevator, el ascensor,and go all the way to the top, el 煤ltimo piso, the last floor, to la terraza, the terrace, or you can just stop in your piso and now you are in front of la puerta, the door, and ready to take out la llave, the key, to open it! 

Planta bajaFirst floor
Second floorSecond floor
parts of the house in spanish

Rooms of the house in Spanish

So, now you are finally inside of your house. Here you will have different rooms of the house, let鈥檚 study together now how do we call these different rooms of the house in Spanish; you have for instance las habitaciones or cuartos or dormitorios, yes, there are three different ways to say the same word, so the bedrooms, of course it depends on the region where you are talking but don鈥檛 worry! Spanish speakers will understand what you are saying no matter who you talk to. So, let鈥檚 just pick a generic one and say la habitaci贸n, which is your personal space or can also be la habitaci贸n de invitados, the guest room. You can also have el sal贸n, the livingroom, where you can relax, relajarte, or spend time with your family, pasar tiempo con tu familia, and watch TV, ver la tele. So, we also have as a common area, the kitchen, la cocina, where we can eat, comer, or cocinar, cook or sometimes you have also a separate part to eat which is el comedor, the dining room. We can also have in our house el ba帽o, which can be all together in one room of the house or divided in another part called la ducha, the shower. So, those are basically the main rooms of the house in Spanish, as you know the size of the rooms will vary depending on the house but they can be una casa grande, a big house, or una casa peque帽a, a small house. If you are in una casa grande, you can also find other parts like el balc贸n, a balcony, un estudio or oficina, an office, un 谩tico, an attic or also la lavander铆a, the room where you have your washing machine, lavadora. 

Habitaci贸n de invitadosGuest room
Sal贸nLiving room
ComedorDining room
Lavander铆aLaundry room

Spanish furniture vocabulary

So now that we know the parts of the house in Spanish and also the rooms of the house in Spanish, we can focus on Spanish furniture vocabulary, we will try to make it as complete as possible but of course we can鈥檛 name everything you have in your place! But we will try鈥 Let鈥檚 start room by room. If you are in el sal贸n, you will find el sofa, el sill贸n, la l谩mpara, la alfombra, la mesita de centro, la tele, las plantas, la ventana, las cortinas, el librero, la chimenea y los cuadros, which in order would be: the sofa, the armchair, the lamp, the carpet, the coffe table, the TV, the plants, the window, the courtains, the book shelf, the chimney and the pictures.聽

Now, we have the habitacion and the oficina, we can put both together as sometimes they are in the same room; In order to sleep, dormir, you have a bed, una cama, with s谩banas and almohadas, sheets and pillows. There is also the night table, mesita de noche, and the closet, el armario, where you put your clothes, la ropa. Regarding the oficina, you can find el escritorio, the desk, that can have gavetas, drawers. We also have el ordenador, the computer, and hojas de papel, sheets, and boligrafos, pens. 

Then we have la cocina, here you can find a lot of things! But if we focus on the basics we have la nevera, the fridge, la cocina, the stove, el horno, the oven, el microondas, the mircrowave and la licuadora, the blender. So those were the electric objects you can find in la cocina. But we also have the kitchen utensils, like la olla y el sart茅n, the cooking pot and the pan, los platos y los vasos, the dishes and the glasses and el cuchillo, el tenedor y la cuchara, the knife, the fork and the spoon. If your comedor is inside of the kitchen, then here you can find la mesa y las sillas, the table and the chairs, that you will use in order to eat. 

And the last part of the house to complete the Spanish furniture vocabulary, is el ba帽o. Here you can find el inodoro o v谩ter, the WC, el lavabo, the sink, the shower or the bathtub, la ducha o la ba帽era, we can also find la toalla, the towel and the mirror, el espejo. Of course, you have the soap and the shampoo, el jab贸n y el champu, or el cepillo de dientes, the toothbrush.聽

So these was Spanish furniture vocabulary, of course as we said you can learn the basic objects and start naming them! Maybe you can buy some post its and paste them all over your house with the vocabulary. You will see, you will learn faster than you thought!聽

Mesita de centroCoffee table
Televisor (Tele)Television (TV)
Mesita de nocheNight table

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